The Metal Core is constructed from perforated and corrugated dead soft aluminum with mechanical interlocking seams. 

The Fiberglass Insulation is used between the core and outer shell.

The Outer Shell is constructed from dead soft aluminum that is corrugated with mechanical interlocking seams to form an air tight, flexible, metal duct.

The End Treatments are constructed from aluminum that is mechanically fastened to the core and outer shell then sealed with UL 181 duct sealer to create a flexible, air tight, sound attenuator.

Triple Lock Sound Attenuator Product Sheet

Testing was provided by Intertek Laboratories.  Testing was conducted in accordance with ASTM Standard E477-2006a, entitled “Standard Test Method for Measuring Acoustical and Airflow Performance of Duct Liner Materials and Prefabricated Silencers” and ADC test Code FD 72-R1, entitled “Flexible Air Duct Test Code FD 72”.

Note: Insertion loss data denoted with a (>) sign has been corrected to take into consideration the effect of the generated sound pressure level approaching the sound pressure level obtained during the insertion loss portion of the test.  In some cases, the insertion loss may be higher than shown.
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