The Flexmaster U.S.A.® UT 3000G Series  are factory sealed fittings, manufactured from
26 gauge, or heavier, galvanized steel to meet SMACNA and UMC Standards for commercial construction.

  • 26 gauge G90 Galvanized Steel Body
  • 24 gauge G90 Galvanized Steel Damper
  • Duro Dyne SB138 Open End Bearing and SB 338 Closed End Bearing
  • Factory Formed Flange with Double Sided  Adhesive Gasket
  • Factory Sealed Seams and Duro Dyne  Components
  • 3/8” Square Aluminum
    Axle Secured to Damper with U-Bolts
  • 2” Insulation Build Out
  • Locking Hand Quadrant with Flexmaster U.S.A. Handle

(BO3 Designation consists of 3/8” Aluminum Axle, 2” Build Out and Locking Quadrant)

SLD BO3 UT 3000G

FLD BO3 UT 3000G


CBD BO3 UT 3000G