The Flexmaster U.S.A.® 2000G Series  are factory sealed fittings, manufactured from 26 gauge, or heavier, galvanized steel to meet SMACNA and UMC Standards for commercial construction.


  • 26-gauge G-90 Galvanized Steel Damper
  • 26-gauge G-90 Galvanized Steel Body
  • 1” formed on flange and Stick on Gasket to provide air-tight installation.
  • 2” stool, aluminum rod, nylon bushings and locking quadrant to provide easy access and system balancing when installed in a 1 ½” thick Insulation Wrapped Duct System.

Optional Features:

  • 24 ga, 22 ga, or 20 ga
  • Aluminum or stainless steel


SLD BO3 2000G

Leakage Data

FLD BO3 2000G


CBD BO3 2000G

Leakage Data

STOD BO3 2000G