Today, the Flexmaster U.S.A.®  Return Air Kits are the perfect solution for all your attenuation needs in return air and transfer air ducts.

Substantially less expensive than internally lined sheet metal ductwork, the Flexmaster U.S.A.® Return Air Kits provide a superior acoustical solution in an easy to install flexible duct kit.

The Flexmaster U.S.A.® Flexible Return Air Kits are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards in strength, permeability and fire resistance required in a flexible air duct.  This insulated, ETL Class 1 AIR DUCT is fabricated with an acoustical liner which allows sound energy to penetrate the duct wall.  All Flexible Duct Kit Assemblies adhere to UL STD 181 attachment requirements for flexible duct to sheet metal collars.

Return Air Kit Type 1 Submittal Data Sheet

Return Air Kit Type 6 Submittal Data Sheet

Type 1 Return Air KitType 6 Return Air Kit